Smarter Proctoring

SmarterProctoring™ is the industry’s only complete suite of proctoring solutions including a proctoring management system that organizes and manages all proctoring modalities including:

  • virtual testing center
  • virtual proctoring
  • in-person proctoring
  • automated proctoring

The software is delivered inside a Learning Management System centralizing the proctoring process. Allowing institutions, the flexibility to select what proctoring modalities that best meet their students’ needs.

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Configurable to Your Needs

SmarterProctoring™ offers multiple levels of configuration. This allows the institution to pick and choose the options that are best for it, which makes creating the perfect proctoring program easier than ever!

Leverage Your Testing Centers

Want to use your school’s testing center to proctor exams? No Problem! SmarterProctoring™ can allow students to schedule their exam in your on campus testing center.

Multiple Payment Options

SmarterProctoring™ allows the institution to choose what payment model works best for them. Student pays, institution pays, or combination models are all available within the SmarterProctoring platform!

Works With Existing Workflow

Already have a proctoring program in place? The SmarterProctoring™ Team will work with you to help keep what you like and improve what you don’t.

Use Your Own Network

Do you already have a network of approved proctors for your students? Let SmarterProctoring™ maximize the efficiency of using your own proctor network.

Expand Your Network

SmarterProctoring™ allows an institution to offer multiple proctoring modalities allowing you to create the most extensive and efficient proctoring program available all from within the comfort of your LMS.

One-of-a-Kind Platform

SmarterProctoring™ is unlike any other technology because it organizes and houses all systems and functions in a single place to relieve the administrative complexities associated with multiple modalities.