Smarter Assessment

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Assessment developer – A user-friendly, intuitive item development interface allows assessment authors to create items using a variety of item types including multiple choice, select box, text, extended text, hot spot, keyboarding interaction, reading interaction and Likert.

Score report generator – Assessment authors are able to craft individualized score reports that can provide a guide to interpretation of the scores through a variety of media. Elements that can be implemented in a score report include:

• Text – Header, Paragraph and Table
• Advanced Text – HTML Code, Snippet, Conditional Text
• Graphics – Image, Video
• Charts – Pie, Bar, Scale, Angular Gauge, Linear Gauge
• Layout – One, two, three or four columns

The colors used in the score report including the charts can be set to match the exact color in the institution’s style guide.

Administrative interface – Assessment authors are able to configure multiple aspects of the assessment that determines the deployment pattern of the assessment. Configurable elements include:

• Assessment title
• Assessment performance ranges
• Assessment parts
• Assessment tags
• Definable scales, sub-scales and composites
• Controlled navigation – forward and back or forward only
• Section submission
• Section invisibility
• Section grouping
• Section ordering
• Item submission control
• Assessment instructions based on user role (i.e. student, faculty, administrator)
• Administrative and test taker access control