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SmarterAssessments™ secure platform improves efficiencies by managing the assessment process seamlessly. Institutions can avoid interfacing with multiple assessment platforms that entail varying requirements and training replaced by OR due to the centralized management platform. SmarterAssessments helps institutions deliver assessments with ease, save time and improve how data is used to address faculty and learners’ individual needs. Delivering data using intuitive, score-dependent, multi-media reporting, the assessment platform provides important data with ease.

Centralized Management – SmarterAssessments™ is a solution that enables an institution to develop and deploy all assessments through a single secure platform that improves efficiencies, mitigates risk, optimizes scale and identifies opportunity for cost savings. It mitigates unnecessary risk through its tiered level admin access so users only have visibility to the areas they need to do their job effectively. To help institutions more easily manage their educational technology solutions, SmarterAssessments™ integrates into third-party systems including LMS, SIS, and CRM so institutions can keep their data and insights in one place.

Proven Results – Since 2002 SmarterServices has a history of providing validated, research-based assessments to advance a learner’s success by including diagnostic indicators that combine student risk factors, engagement analytics, and assessment data.

Adaptable Integration – SmarterAssessments™ is built on LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) compliant technology that enables the institution to seamlessly connect with other third-party educational technology solutions (LMS, SIS, CRM). The platform also provides open APIs that provide capabilities such as single sign-on.

Flexibility – SmarterAssessments™  provides design flexibility that empowers the organization to develop and deploy assessments that meet their individual needs. This includes using the suite of readiness assessments, creating custom content or combining both for a broader, holistic end-to-end solution. Both the assessment generator and the score-report generator are a “blank page” that allows clients to populate the engine with any appropriate content without being constrained to item banks or report templates.

Depth of Reporting – The depth of reporting is what differentiates SmarterAssessments™ from survey engines and testing engines.  With a survey engine, the output is typically only a pie chart showing what percentage of respondents answered in which manner.  A testing engine, such as those found in learning management systems, typically provides a quantitative score as well as nominal feedback such as “You should re-read pages 22 – 25 in the textbook.”

The score report of SmarterAssessments™ can provide very detailed feedback that can be quantitative, score-dependent, diagnostic, prescriptive, adaptive, multi-media and multi-channel as described below.

  • Quantitative – The numerical score resulting from the assessment can be presented textually as well as graphically through several charting options including pie charts, bar charts, scale charts, angular gauge and linear gauge.
  • Score dependent – Using conditional logic the feedback provided to students can depend on their scores at any level such as individual items, sub-scales, scales and/or aggregate scores.
  • Diagnostic – Based on the test taker’s scores the condition being measured can be diagnosed and described using text, audio, and/or video.
  • Prescriptive – Based on the diagnosis appropriate resources for remediation/instruction can be provided through external links and/or multi-media.
  • Adaptive – Based on the prescriptive action differentiating learning pathways can be provided to the test taker.  Persons who score in a prescribed scoring range can be directed toward additional assessments and/or resources.
  • Multi-media – To foster engagement with the score report feedback provided to the test taker based on their scores can be provided through any combination of text, audio, images, and video.
  • Multi-channel –SmarterAssessments™ is being used to publish assessments from a variety of sources such as:

SmarterServices published – SmarterServices has published readiness assessments such as the Teaching with Technology Readiness Indicator and the Competency-Based Education Readiness Indicator.

Client developed – Other organizations such as the Engineering Leadership Institute are using SmarterAssessments™ to publish assessments that they authored and are used internally in their training courses.

Externally published – Other assessment authors such as Dr. Richard Driscoll who published the standardized Westside Test Anxiety Scale are using SmarterAssessments™ to deploy their assessments and custom remedial resources to clients.