Product Presentations

Product presentations are training sessions and introductory webinars to our tools. They are scheduled monthly and you may choose the session and topic that suits your needs and schedule by clicking the appropriate “Register” button. Some of the webinars are designed strictly for current clients while others serve as an introduction to what we provide. Most sessions are between 20-30 minutes.

SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator (SMLRI) Admin Training – This training is designed for current SMLRI clients who need a refresher course on how to use the admin features including customizations, exporting data, viewing reports, and setting up assessment groups.

Introduction to Suite of Readiness Assessments – This webinar is designed for individuals interested in learning more about SmarterMeasure, our suite of readiness assessments including the Learning Readiness Indicator (LRI), Teaching with Technology Readiness Indicator (TTRI), and Competency Based Education Readiness Indicator. We will provide a brief overview of what each assessment measures, how it is best implemented and business problems it addresses, as well as review sample reports. 

SmarterAssessments Training Support – This webinar is designed for individuals interested in learning more about the SmarterAssessments platform to create custom assessments. We will focus on how to set up assessments and basic logistics of creating reports.

SmarterProctoring – Instructor’s Training – This session is designed for instructors at SP client schools who are currently using the tool and need further training on setting up, viewing, and editing exams.

Getting the Most from the SmarterProctoring Dashboard – This session is designed for current SP clients who need training on how to use all features of the dashboard. It serves as a how-to session and includes institution settings, proctor groups, approvals, rules & vouchers, and reports.