About SmarterServices

SmarterServices is a full-spectrum assessment services company that solves unmet market challenges facing learners, instructors, institutions, and organizations by developing unique educational technology solutions to improve a learner’s success. We provide SmarterAssessments to design and deploy custom assessments with intuitive report builder that includes multi-media options. SmarterMeasure a suite of readiness assessments including the Learning Readiness Indicator (LRI), Teaching with Technology Readiness Indicator (TTRI), Competency-Based Education Readiness Indicator (CBERI), and Math & Writing Readiness Indicators (MRI, WRI). SmarterProctoring the only complete proctoring system on the market that accommodates proctoring in multiple modalities including automated, live online, database of testing centers, and record and review. SmarterID student authentication system uses facial recognition to validate identity and document attendance. It can be used inside SmarterProctoring or as a standalone application. With over 100 years of combined experience in higher education, our team understands the needs of schools regarding student readiness and testing integrity.

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